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The Wonders Of Labia Stretching

Smaller Is Better.
When it comes to the female body, society expects a few things directly related to the aesthetically beauty of the female. Perfect vaginal size seems to be one of the things expected from women
Men seem to have a mesmerizing craving for women who have a tight and healthy vagina with perfect form and function. The main reason for this preference is that for starters, it gives men an indication that you are a healthy female and being healthy is something that men seek in a relationship as a way to spawn healthy offspring as what goes for the subconscious thinking.
Men also crave women with tight vaginas, primarily because it offers resistance during intercourse. This translates into pleasure, as the male organ receives a bit of friction as it is sliding into the vagina as well, when it is coming out of the vagina.
This resistance of friction it stimulates the male organ so his physiological function can occur making it possible for him to ejaculate inside the vagina. Having a tight vagina also provides your partner with the stimulating pleasure he craves, after all pleasure is the beneficial side of having intercourse.
Men do not like women when they cannot offer resistance in their vaginas. Since nothing is felt and they feel like they are not penetrating anything during lovemaking.
When it comes to yourself and what you feel as a woman. The obvious thing is that female intimate size does matter for many important reasons, being smaller offers more pleasure for oneself.

Being smaller allows you to feel the male organ going inside of you. Feeling his organ sliding through the entire length of your vagina is quite a unique experience. Simply because you can feel him. In addition, when you have a loose and big vagina you simply cannot experience these marvellous sensations.
Smaller is better also because since you are grasping the male organ in the inward and outward thrust. You are also getting stimulation from his organ making it possible to reach an orgasm. A tight and healthy vagina causes your external genitalia to come into play. Your vulva moves with each thrust of the male, that movement provokes friction on your labia minora, majora, and clitoris.
All the friction you receive on your vulva initiated with having a tight vagina will cause your sensitive nerves endings to become stimulated. All of this stimulation on your vulva will obviously make it possible for you to achieve an orgasm during intercourse.
The physiological benefits of function from having a tight vagina are quite impressive, it indicates health, and it makes it possible to achieve pleasure for the female and the male. Lastly having a tight and healthy vagina looks better then having a loose or big vagina; in essence, it looks and is more feminine by nature. In conclusion smaller is better through many important aspects.

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