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The Wonders Of Labia Stretching

The Benefits of a Tight Vagina.
Having a tight vagina can yield obvious benefits for any woman and the most noticeable ones are during lovemaking. Both the male and female will truly benefit from a tight and healthy vagina. Intercourse will be felt more intensely during the trust of the male.
Being a woman, you will feel his organ in its entirety and not to mention the ability to achieve orgasms through intercourse will increase as your vagina becomes tighter and smaller with a healthier tone. Your tightness also spells pleasure for your partner and being a woman, you want to be able to satisfy your mans cravings.
Aside from all the sex and sensuous feeling, a tight vagina brings to any intimate relationship. There are other benefits that any girl would appreciate from her vagina. We all know that odour is an other huge concern for any woman. I do not think that any girl on earth wants to have a smelly vagina or be caught with her vagina smelling bad, especially when cunnilingus is involved.
Reducing the size of your vagina and tightening it up, will not relieve you of all types of vaginal odour that your may experience at any given time. There are many causes, which can provoke your vagina to smell bad or generate a bad odour with, can be smelled between your legs, even worse odours can be smelled through clothing articles.
Many vaginal odours are caused by foreign agents; such are bad bacteria, yeasts, etc. All of these will cause your vagina to produce odour, but the amount of odour is directly associated with the size of your vagina.

Women with vaginas that are big in size have a larger surface area and within this area, it can accommodate a larger amount of foreign agents. So the amount of odour is increased as oppose to a vagina that is smaller and tighter, a smaller vagina has less surface area and consequently there is less space for foreign odour causing agents to accumulate, thus a woman with a smaller vagina will emit less odour then a woman with a big vagina.
In conclusion, to odour problems, size has a direct correlation with the intensity and amount of odour, which a vagina can emit.
Health issues are related to vaginal size, when your vagina comes out of control and you suffer from relaxation or decay of your vaginal tone. You can begin to suffer from unwanted health problems. Millions of women suffer from urinary incontinence worldwide. This is directly associated with having a poor vaginal tone and a weak pubic muscle.
Urinary incontinence can be resolved by toning your vagina, so you will not have to go through embarrassing problems such as wetting your clothes in day. Also having a loose vagina can cause your internal organs to collapse onto it, making it impossible to have intercourse and can be quite painful feeling your insides falling out.
Vaginal prolapse can be avoided by simply tightening and toning your vagina, but once it occurs, you need surgical correction.

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