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Vaginal tightening and toning method comparison, which procedure and methods are best suited for your vaginal enhancement.The following information colums will address your query in respect to the different types of vaginal tightening and their effictiveness to provide substancial results for the enhancement of your vagina.

Vagina Enhancement Guides

Cosmedic Surgical Reduction

Electroshock Therapy

Creams and Pills

What does the enhancement consist of?

Specialty focused and targeted vaginal strength training exercices, routines and procedures to reduce and tone the vagina.

Surgically cutting away a portion of the vaginal wall and stitching it together reducing its size

Insertion of electrodes into the vaginal cavity and shocking the muscle to contract with each shock.

Prescription and non prescription creams are applied to the inner vaginal walls and vaginal opening and pills are taken orally.

What are the main attributes to these methods?

Vaginal size reduction and vaginal toning.

Vaginal size reduction.

Vaginal size reduction and vaginal toning.

Vaginal size reduction.

How long does the process take?

6 to 8 weeks.

2 hours for the operation, 3 to 8 weeks of recovery.

6 to 8 weeks.

Prescription creams only offer a temporary solution, non prescription pills and creams are unproven to work.

What is the pain factor involved using these metho?.

Non when properly done, muscle sorness can arise from intese enhancement sessions.

Wound related pain, pain killers need to be prescribed

Electical shock related pain during each session.

Burns can arise from ceratain creams as well as alergic reactions. Pill poping hazords with herbal remedies, potential fecal, fugal matter in pills.

Will my sexual activity have to be suspended when undergoing these procedures?

Normal sexual activity can take place, there is no need to suspend intercourse.

Post operative recovery is needed for a couple months to ensure proper healing of the vagina.

Normal sexual activity can take place if no pain is present from the electroshok therapy.

Normal activity can take place is no infections, burns are present in the vagina while taking these chemicals.

Are there any risks involved?


The risk of infection is present as in any surgery and surgical errors might arise from an unskilled surgeon.

Possible damage to nerves if electroshock is too intense.

Internal vaginal damage can arise from infections which can be permanent.

What are the costs.

Low, for $34.95 you get to know all the different types of vaginal strength training exercises.

High, surgical reduction of the vagina can cost anywhere from $2,500 up to $10,000

Medium, clinic charges can range anywhere from $300 up to $1000 for multiple sessions

Low to medium, creams and pill average anywhere from $15 up to $300.

What is the effectiveness in tightening my vagina?

Very effictive, since it targets the vaginal, pubical and surrounding muscles

Very effictive, it reduces the size of the vagina almost instantly.

Moderate to poor, you need high electrical current to contract the vagina for it to work and high current causes pain.

Poor, the results of prescription creams are temporary and herbal formulas have not proven to work up to date.

What is the effectiness in toning my vagina?

Very effictive, besides reducing the size of the vagina, these methods also tone the vagina and improve its health.

Poor, surgical reduction of the vagina will not provide any tone for your vagina.

Moderate to poor, you must use high currents in order to contract the vagina.

Poor, it simply does nothing in the area of vaginal toning.

How long do the results last?

Lifetime, all that is needed after the main vaginal reduction has been achieved and toned to its maximum, is to perform the enhancement routines occationally as a preventive measure and as a way to keep a high level of vaginal health.

Several years, until the vagina starts to stretch once again by different types of sexual practices and vaginal insertions.

Short while, new sessions of electroshock will constantly be needed in order for the vagina to remain tight.

No results are achieved.

Best approach to vaginal tightening and toning

Second option for vaginal tightening

Third option to enhance vaginal size.

Unproven method.



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