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Female Pumping deals with content that is adult in nature and intended for mature audiences, the web site has included in its introductory pages a special ratings coding to prevent minors from accessing this site, to properly use these ratings you must refer to your web browsers (Netscape, Internet Explorer, etc.) user manuals on how to properly apply these content restrictions.

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Female Pumping respects you privacy, all information collected on this site is kept strictly confidential and will not be sold, reused, rented , loaned or otherwise disclosed, Any information you provided to Female Pumping will be held with the utmost care, and will not be used in ways you have not consented to.

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Female Pumping analyses our web site logs to constantly improve the value of the materials available, and to prevent potential attacks against our web site.

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Female Pumping does not sell, rent, loan, trade, or lease any personal information collected at our site, any correspondence between yourself and Female Pumping strictly remains confidential.

Please check back to this page for policy changes.


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