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Vaginal pleasure is achieved only with a tight youthful vagina and not when its loose.

Women with tighter or snug vagina’s provide proper stimulation to their partners as well as themselves, consequently the female will have more and stronger orgasms. Both partners will be more satisfied when the female performs properly with an adequate and healthy vaginal tone.

When the vagina is loose, with poor vaginal health, intercourse is simply not pleasurable. The female is simply not providing any stimulation to her partner and consequently sex is simply not fulfilling to the male or female.

A tighter vagina is able to grasp the male organ firmly. With each thrust of the male, it causes the vulva to move forcing the clitoris more into the action. It also provides more stimulation to the labia as the labia is being rubbed more through the inward and outward thrust.

All the sensitive areas of the female reproductive organ come more into direct play, its the external part, the vulva where almost all orgasms surge from in the female and not internally in the vagina. But it requires for the vagina to be tight in order to stimulate the vulva.

The clitoris moves downward with the thrust of the male organ going into the vagina and becomes stimulated. This is why a tight vagina is extremely important for pleasure purposes as it provides stimulation for the female herself and for her partner. A tight vagina yields more pleasure all around, men prefer it and it simply looks better on a female.

 Feeling life pleasures.

Imagine a world without tight vagina’s, it simply would not be a good place to be at, men like the snug feeling that their partner can provide them with, and all women want to have the perfect canal. The only way to truly enjoy life pleasures is by being tight in the love canal, the intensity is felt and it joins both male and female in an intimate manner.

Tighter is better for life pleasures, it looks youthful, it feels better and most importantly it looks sexy.

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