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The Vagina Institute provides statistics about the size of female genitalia and female sexual habits for a perspective in how women measure up.

Vagina Institute

So how well do females measure up, sizing the female genitals for a comparative perspective on how women compare to each other and identifying the differences in female genital size, whether its the length, girth, shape or size of the vulva and vagina.

Many women worry about how they compare to other women, since female genitalia is hidden between the legs many women young and old think that they are different or abnormal and also women who think they are normal may in-fact be out of range of what is the norm in female genital size.

Female Genital size research is a global study so residents from many countries can observe the averages at the domestic level or in the global perspective and clarify the myths that exist about female genital size.

Example of statistics available:
Vagina size when relaxed and stimulated or maximum stretch capacity, etc.
Diameter of a tight healthy vagina, loose vagina, etc.
Clitoris length when erected, girth, etc.
Pubic hair length, grooming preference, normal growth patterns, etc.
Labia minora length, right and left labiumís, symmetric, etc.
Most common and uncommon vaginal insertions.
Genital size comparison by ethnic background, country to country.

How do I compare to other women.

How do I compare to other women? have you ever wondered if you if your vulva is within norm, or if your vagina is the right size, you may take our online vulva grade system and get an instant result, you will be required to answer a series of questions about the size of your genitalia, so you will require to have a ruler present, the more accurate your measure and provide honest answers, it will give out a more accurate result.
The results are based on statistical data of the norm in female genital size, so it will give you an indication as to whether or not you have a normal and healthy vagina or an abnormal and decaying vagina.
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