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Smaller is always better when it comes to the vagina, it will always represent youth and vitality.

Smaller is better, there is no doubt about that, it looks better and its sexy and feminine, it looks youthful and clearly functional, a small vagina always performs better sexually. Smaller is better all around, while being big is a female dysfunction of decay and degeneration of the vaginal tone.

Society tries to promote “bigger is better” all the time, super size that burger meal and you super size the waist line of people, then ask yourself, is being bigger better?. Bigger is not better when it comes to the vagina, a big vagina is not attractive, while on the other hand smaller is better when it comes to genitalia, it simply looks better and more feminine.

Women with tight vagina’s always achieve more orgasms, and the orgasm is designed to contract the cervix into the wall of the vagina to suck up the deposited semen. This is a normal function which is achieved only with tight healthy vagina so that reproduction can be successful.

But the orgasm also provides a pleasure to each and every single female who feels it during any sexual activity that they engage in, its sort of a reward you get for engaging in sex, if you cannot achieve an orgasm, sex simply does not feel right without that special reward of an orgasm. Most of the problems of not achieving an orgasm are attributed to vulva dysfunction and the tightness of the vagina plays a major roll, tight vagina’s tend to be healthy and yield orgasms.

 Dreaming of a healthier organ.

You might neglect your vagina in your youth, as many women do, but as you age, you will only dream of being tight once again, regaining your youthful vitality will become your priority. Its a dream that millions of women world wide wish they can obtain, constantly regretting the days when they neglected their vaginal tone and health, as they have lost all pleasure.

Tighter is better for life pleasures, it looks youthful, it feels better and most importantly it looks sexy.

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