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Vaginal odour reduction, no one wants to smell a stinky vagina, its better when it smells good and fresh.

Data collection and study analyses has proven an interesting fact, in which the size of the vagina plays an active roll in the quantity of vaginal odour that is produced by the female. Smaller vaginas tend to produce less odour then bigger vagina’s, so in essence smaller is fresher and better smelling.

As we all know, all women worry about the odours their vagina emits. And men perform the finger test, to verify that the vagina is fresh and clean, prior to engaging in cunnilingus. So vaginal odours are a major concern for all women.

The vagina will emit odours when bacteria, yeast or other germs breed in the vaginal canal. These odours can become quite intense and foul. Some vaginas can even be smelt through clothing, so odours can be unpleasant.

A foul and stinky vagina is something hard to forget, its hard to imagine a beautiful woman with a smelly and stinky vagina. But sometimes these things occur and a large part is to blame on the size of the vagina.

Odour reduction primarily consists of reducing the size of the vagina. As you reduce its size, you reduce the surface area where germs, bacteria and yeast can breed. With a reduction in space for these odour emitters, you will have an odourless or a more pleasant smelling vagina. Within the site you will also find a lot of other methods to reduce vaginal odours, because we all want to be fresh down there.

 Stinky odours down under, you say!

Have you ever leaned down and smelled something odd and strong emitting from your vagina, or worried about having your partner go down on you. A change of lifestyle and reducing vaginal size can eliminate these worries you go through, instead of masking odours with deodorants, its best to reduce or eliminate them efficiently by improving your vaginal health.

Tighter is better for life pleasures, it looks youthful, it feels better and most importantly it looks sexy.

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